Turtles Paradise - Mini Mural

What a fantastic way to keep the kids busy! They will spend hours colouring in their wallpaper mural. We suggest keeping the mural low enough for the children to reach and to use roll up crayons for best results! 

We suggest using Wind up or Twistable crayons for best results! 

Easy to install and remove pre-pasted wallpaper. Installing wallpaper has never been easier! PRO ART murals superior quality wallpaper designs are easily applied by spraying water to the back and applying to the wall.

Full installation instructions are included. The full wall murals have 4-6 panels with a 10mm overlap allowing for easy installation. No glue is required for installation and will not produce any odours or fumes.

All PRO ART wall murals are manufactured using premium quality non-woven wallpaper and are designed and manufactured here in Australia.

Removing the mural is as simple as application! Using water, spray the front and slowly peel away from the surface! It's that easy...

Create an experience in every room!