Custom Murals

Custom sized murals, 10-14 days turnaround!

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Even on a budget you can decorate your home with the latest trends. Imagine having your own photographs wall size in your own home! The possibilities are endless, from a sophisticated bedroom mural to a relaxing rain forest design, you can have anything you can imagine on your wall.  

What is a custom design?

We refer to a custom design as a design that is created to suit you. Something that reflects your personalities and style.Custom design fidget spinner mural

Can I use my own photos?

Yes, you can use one of your own photos! The better the quality the photo is, the better the result. Look for an image at least 2 megabytes and 300 dpi is preferred (don't know what that means, no problem we'll help you). If you're not sure, we are happy to take a look at the photo and help you decide if the quality is good enough to go to your wall size. Just email us to discuss how to send the photo to us.
Using your own photos
What if I dont have a photo?
If you dont have a photo that you like, we can help you choose from our library of thousands of images! One of our graphic designers would be happy to help you find the perfect image for your wall. Let us help you create a mural that is as unique and special as you are and get the results you are looking for today. Rainforest Mural

"Amazing pieces of art we love our customs. Thank you, you guys you rock we are telling everyone who you are and how fantastic you are. Carla - WA