How to Make a Small Room Look and Feel Big!

How to Make a Small Room Look and Feel Big!

How to Make a Small Room Look and Feel Big

 It’s possible to create a feeling of space in any room by using the long last interior art of wall murals.

Perth Design specialist Glenn Newell said while murals were popular in the 1970s, they are making a big come back in twenty first century interior design.

“With so many smaller houses and smaller blocks of land in Perth, people are craving space more than ever,” said Mr Newell.

“The issues of having small rooms can be solved by making the room appear or feel bigger,” he said.

“You can create the feeling of space or a larger room by using the right wall mural.”

“Wall murals can make a room appear bigger than what it actually is with the correct uses of colour and depth.”

“To make a room feel bigger choose a wall mural that has depth.”

“A scenic beach mural with a palm tree in the foreground and clouds on the horizon in the background creates a feeling that the room is bigger than what it actually is.”

Mr Newell said people should consider the following when considering a mural for a wall:

  • Characters and features in the mural appearing in the foreground and background will create depth. For example, if you use a wall mural that has a path leading off into the distance it creates the sense of depth and space in the room.
  • Select the right wall in the room: The feature wall is usually the first full wall you see as you enter the room and this is often the best place for a mural.
  • Colours are important: If you have a dark room, choose a mural with light colours that will help brighten the room and make it feel larger.

“Wall murals are a reemerging seventies fad. They’re fast becoming a must have feature in any home.”

To find out how you create more space in your room or for free advice on choosing the right wall mural for your room contact us today. 


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