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Measuring Your Wall

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Measuring Your Wall

Choosing your mural is very exciting and lots of fun, with so many wonderful designs to choose from. We recommend measuring your wall first, knowing your measurement will help you decide as to what size you will need. To do this you will need a tape measure long enough to measure the width and height of your wall.
Secondly, look at what you have in the room you have chosen to decorate. For example, what will be place in front of that particular wall. Is there a bed that will be placed in the middle? Will there be shelves or a toy box? With these points in mind you can start to look for designs that will work for your room. If you have a bed that is situated ion the middle of the wall and if the design you like has the major elements in the same spot there you may want to think about another design or moving the bed if that's possible. With these points in mind it should help you choose the perfect mural for the room!  
We have many designs to choose form however if you haven't found what you are looking please don't hesitate to contact us as we would love to assist you in creating the perfect custom mural for your wall. 


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