Bring the Magic of Imagination Back to our Children.

Bring the Magic of Imagination Back to our Children.

Bring the Magic of Imagination Back to our Children.

With computer games, the internet and TV, most children these days have no need to use their own creativity and imagination - but parents can improve the situation by changing the design of their children's bedroom.

Design expert Angie Newell, said as a child she imagined playing with her favourite characters from Disneyland and now as an adult she creates fantasy rooms by designing wall murals that encourages children to use their imagination.

"Wall Murals are the latest trend in the home, and they can have a wonderfully positive impact on children," said Ms Newell.

“Creating children’s wall murals with classic Disney characters such as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story allows the children to role play and use their imagination.” she said.

"We create an environment in the home that encourages imagination and creative play that helps children become confident and good problem solvers.” she said.

“Through the use of wall murals and familiar and lovable characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Disney Princesses you can set the scene to allow their imagination to run wild!”

“The children interact with the wall murals, using it as part of and as a backdrop for their role play,”

"It is important to prepare children for the future by them using their imagination now."

Ms Newell said wall murals could help children by:

  • Unlocking a child's imagination
  • Helping a child be more creative which assists in learning
  • Set the backdrop for imaginative role play
  • Bring the child out in every parent - keeping them young at heart

Disney Princess Murals


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My son likes arcade games do you have any designs possible including claw machines

Veronica Murray

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